Terry Gration Celebrates 25 Years with IFG Drake

Terry Gration Celebrates 25 Years with IFG Drake
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It was 1993 when a young Terry Gration came to work for IFG Drake in the staple department on bailing.

Since then, Terry has seen a lot of changes within the company. Staff have come and gone, and customer requirements have continued to change and evolve over time.

We asked Terry what the best thing was about working with the company, and his first answer was the people he works with. He also enjoys time away from them and the working life too, and has enjoyed the generous holiday allowance the company gives to spend time with his family at home and abroad.

Progression through the ranks to his current position of Shift Manager has given Terry the chance to work with some true characters over the years. Terry was one of four staff over the last year to receive recognition for 25 years with the company, and is amongst a total of 13 employees at the Drighlington site that have reached this career milestone. They’ve got a way to go to become the longest standing though – our longest-serving staff member has been with the company for a highly impressive 39 years!

To reflect Terry’s time with the company he was awarded with an iPad

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