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What is Multifilament Yarn?

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Polypropylene fibres are used in an extensive range of products, and here at IFG Drake, West Yorkshire, we produce polypropylene staple fibre and polypropylene multifilament yarn. Both are used in the production of a varied range of products, with multifilament yarn most commonly being found in the furnishings industry.

Multifilament yarn is a versatile material which can be constructed in round or delta cross-sections, intermingled for direct weaving and knitting, or flat, for texturising and twisting, making it a multipurpose product. Alongside typical qualities of polypropylene fibres such as toughness and having low specific gravity, multifilament yarn is stain resistant, durable and, if required, can be made fire retardant.

Our multifilament yarn is ideal for air jet and traditional weaving, as well as knitting applications, which means that it has a varied customer base. It is commonly found in the home and commercial furnishings industry, being used in final applications such as mattress ticking, upholstery, webbings, and window blinds.

We have the ability to produce multifilament yarn to satisfy any suitable market and can include a speciality UV stabilisation package to suit customer requirements. Get in touch now to discuss your needs.

What is Polypropylene Staple Fibre and When is it Used?

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Polypropylene is a cost-effective and versatile raw material used globally. Here at IFG Drake, West Yorkshire, we produce both polypropylene staple fibres and polypropylene multifilament yarn. The polypropylene staple fibre that we manufacture is made from polypropylene chips which are extruded to produce high quality, long-lasting solutions.

The staple fibres produced at IFG Drake can be manufactured in a range of deniers depending on their final application, and due to our advanced colour matching system, we also can match our staple fibres to any desired colour. This means that our customers receive bespoke products, produced to the highest quality.

In order to satisfy such a dynamic marketplace, it is essential that our PP staple fibre has a range of physical qualities to stand the test of time and produce a reliable end product. We focus on polypropylene because it delivers such a diverse range of qualities including toughness, durability, low specific gravity, low thermal conductivity and a good level of chemical resistance, to name a few.

Our versatile PP staple fibre allows IFG Drake to work alongside a varied global customer base in commercial, civil and domestic applications such as outdoor sports surfaces, geotextiles in reservoirs, domestic and residential carpets, and atmospheric and liquid filtration.

At the heart of our company is providing a high quality and reliable product to all of our customers, and so if you’re looking for a unique fibre solution, get in touch with our expert team.

A Day in the Life of an IFG Drake Sales Coordinator

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Beverley Robson, IFG Drake’s Sales Coordinator, plays an integral role in the day-to-day running of the business. 

Tell us about your role at IFG Drake…

As IFG Drake Sales Coordinator it is my responsibility to stay organised, deal with customers, and keep the sales administration up to date. Although I spend most of my day at my desk, I liaise with customers daily, and one of the best things about my job is the camaraderie between colleagues and customers.

My everyday tasks revolve around processing orders and ensuring that stringent customer requirements are met. Whether it be raising despatch notes and invoices, dealing with customers, or coordinating between production staff and customers to ensure requests are completed.

After working for the company for 21 years, I know the ins and outs surrounding my role. However, when my day involves mountains of paperwork, ensuring current relevant legislation is up to date is never a one-off job. It requires continual monitoring and activity which can be interesting when our customers are so diverse!

I think what makes IFG Drake stand out from the crowd is our customer service and commitment to providing a quality product.


Meet some of the rest of the IFG Drake team in our Working for IFG Drake video

Geotextiles in Ground Stabilisation

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Geotextiles are used extensively across the civil engineering sector to improve the lifespan of constructions and for ground stabilisation purposes. At IFG Drake, in West Yorkshire, we produce the polypropylene staple fibres that are used in the manufacturing of geotextiles used in these applications.

Ground stabilisation is important for the reinforcement of aggregate layers for high trafficked surfaces such as roads, railways and car parks. The geotextile strengthens and stabilises the ground when laid on top of the soft underground layer. The geotextile is laid, and the aggregate material is spread on top. This then acts as a barrier and stops the mixing of layers which would lead to a reduction in strength.

Geotextiles used for ground stabilisation are beneficial not only because they strengthen the ground, leading to a reduction in maintenance costs, but also because they mean that the construction depth can be reduced. This leads to a saving on materials and labour costs, allowing companies to get a better-quality product, for less cost.

Using a geotextile in a ground stabilisation project ensures that the product is long lasting and cost-effective. The products allow the ground to bear more weight, leading to an increase in surface lifespan. Geotextiles also help with filtration and separation issues, further cementing these benefits.

IFG Drake PP staple fibres are used globally in geotextiles which are used in so many projects including coastal erosion, car parks, railways and roads, so get in touch with your requirements so that we can find a fibre solution for you.

Polypropylene in Home and Commercial

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Polypropylene fibres are used in a range of home and commercial furnishings as a versatile, high performance solution.

For the home and commercial market, IFG Drake produce polypropylene PP filament yarn in a range of titres and a vast array of colours to satisfy a dynamic marketplace. Duron is a high quality, versatile and stain resistant multifilament yarn that is constructed in round, flat or delta cross sections for texturising and twisting, ideal for a range of furnishings.

Polypropylene’s resistance to hydrolysis means that it is unaffected by moisture, making it an obvious choice for using in the production of home upholstery and commercial products such as office carpets for a tough and hard-wearing solution. IFG Drake fibre products make stain resistant furnishings and are antibacterial, giving our customers long lasting, durable products.

With our specialist team we can also offer a UV stabilisation package which will prolong the life of your upholstery, giving it better resistance against UV and ensuring it keeps its colour for longer.

Our expert team of colourists can also produce our polypropylene multifilament yarns in a vast array of colours to give our customers fully bespoke furnishings, ideal offices and commercial areas.

Get in touch with IFG Drake today so that we can find a fibre solution to suit your needs.

Polypropylene in Tennis Courts

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With Wimbledon 2018 under way, we thought we’d share our knowledge of all things tennis courts!

Although the Wimbledon courts are real grass, for most clubs these are not viable options because of the low reliability, high maintenance and upkeep costs. Synthetic tennis courts are becoming increasingly popular and provide a solution where play performance is so similar to real grass, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are designed in a crimped texture for tennis courts which permits a superior interlock between the fibres and sand. This texture allows for a rapid restoration to the surface because of the shock absorbing effect it creates, and the stabilised rootzone allows for better performance in wet conditions.

Compared to real grass courts, synthetic courts provide a solution in which tennis can be played year-round. Because of the stabilised rootzone, water is drained from the surface quickly, whereas with a real grass court it’ll become saturated and play will be impossible.

Investing in a synthetic tennis court also provides you with a multi-sport surface that can be suitable for a variety of sports which is particularly beneficial for clubs and schools, and because there is less upkeep compared to grass courts, maintenance costs are majorly reduced.

Choosing IFG Drake polypropylene fibres provides you with a cost-effective solution which have UV resistance additive based on your geographical location and can also be fully colour-customised. We have the ability to match our fibres to your colour choice, leaving you with a fully-bespoke surface. Just read our Barney case study here.

Overall, IFG Drake polypropylene fibres create a durable sports surface with exceptional quality. Customer satisfaction is our key priority, so get in touch so that we can find a fibre solution for you.

Polypropylene Use by the Automotive Industry

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Polypropylene fibres are used significantly by the automotive industry, in some obvious ways, and some less so. Perhaps the most obvious is the use of the fibres within the carpets that line and insulate the vehicles.

Secondly, there may be polypropylene fibres incorporated within the upholstery of the vehicle, as it is used in both home and commercial furnishings as well.

The reason for the use of polypropylene is down to its availability, as well as its durability and resistance to chemical solvents, acids and solutions.

Less known, is the fact that polypropylene is used to manufacture car bumpers, and to line wheel arches. Fibres are also used within cable insulation.

The use of plastic fibres within the construction of vehicles not only reduces the potential for corrosion, they are also less heavy than metal alternatives, more versatile in terms of design, and cost significantly less, both in build costs and in the long-term use of the vehicle.

Polypropylene is the obvious choice, as its fellow plastic counterparts such as polyamide, PVC and ABS, are unable to compete efficiently in terms of both versatility and cost. It is estimated that polypropylene makes up 32% of all the plastics used in the motor industry, and this has been increasing year on year since the industry first started using polypropylene in the 1970s.



Polypropylene Fibres in Floor Coverings

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From two manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire, IFG Drake produce world-leading polypropylene (PP) fibres for a range of markets including the floor coverings industry. Our polypropylene fibres are ideal for manufacturing long-lasting, cost-effective carpets, rugs and underlays.

IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are tough and stain resistant which make them ideal for making carpets that survive even the most hectic industry exhibition.

Polypropylene fibres also have a low specific gravity and low moisture regain, meaning carpets are lightweight and easy to transport, whilst being resistant to liquid spillages, leaving customers with long-lasting quality carpets. We can also offer our speciality UV stabilisation to give better resistance to colour fade and loss of strength in outdoor carpets.

What’s more, with our expert colour matching team, we can match virtually any colour, offering a personalised colour for any carpet tile, exhibition carpet or rug. So, whether you’re looking for a fibre solution for a domestic, commercial, contract or exhibition carpet, IFG Drake will produce a bespoke quality fibre for your needs, get in touch today.

Why Polypropylene?

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Polypropylene fibres are manufactured from polypropylene chips, and here at IFG Drake we are world-leading producers of polypropylene staple fibres and multifilament yarns. The material is very cost effective and versatile and has a range of physical characteristics that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Tenacity, durability and abrasion resistance are just some of the reasons why the material is used in the production of such a diverse range of products. Tenacity or tensile strength means the resistance of a material breaking under tension. It ensures that non-woven geotextile products can stand the test of time, and benefits sports surfaces, making them hardy to general wear and tear.

Polypropylene’s chemical resistance and ability to be made fire retardant make it useful for a variety of high-quality goods and ensures performance retainment of speciality products in technical markets such as construction, concrete reinforcement and spillage control.

The material’s chemical resilience and low specific gravity make it ideal for geotextiles in landfill sites, and for use in the automotive industry for parcel shelves, arch liners and acoustics. IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are further used in household products such as blinds, carpets and mattress coverings to ensure a durable product with the added benefit of being able to make the final product antibacterial.

The demand for polypropylene fibres is increasing and has been recognised as one of the fastest growing fibre markets. With the need of non-woven fabrics growing, and the recognition that polypropylene fibres produce an economical alternative for products such as carpets, IFG Drake are further diversifying to satisfy our customers’ distinct needs, so get in touch so we can find your fibre solution.

Colour Matching at IFG Drake – The Barney Tennis Court

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We pride ourselves on the colour matching capabilities here at IFG Drake. Our specialised colourist team, headed up by Alec Radin, have exceptional eyesight and colour matching capabilities which allow them to match anything our clients (or their clients) require.

One of the perhaps oddest requests we have ever received, was to match the purple of Barney the Dinosaur, for a client who wanted to build a bespoke all-weather tennis court for his wife.
Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we dutifully researched the exact tone and colour of Barney, to provide the shipment of colour-matched polypropylene, along with our UV stabilisation package, to send to the all-weather surface manufacturer. We are yet to receive the invitation for a set or match!

At IFG Drake, we can satisfy a huge range of customer requirements, in small and large quantities. Across our two sites, we have an annual capacity of over 37,000 tonnes, which are shipped worldwide, and can be precisely matched to the most exacting of customer requirements.

Not only do we match to highly specific colour requirements, but all our colours and titres are manufactured to exacting quality standards, registered to ISO 9001 and overseen by our specialist in-house technical support team. Our range of production equipment allows us to produce both staple and short-cut fibres, as well as continuous filament yarns.

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