Staple Fibre vs. Multifilament Yarn

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Here at IFG Drake we supply polypropylene fibres and yarns to a variety of global markets, including automotive industries, geotextile businesses, and utility markets. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, producing fibres for a variety of uses, and so whatever your needs, we can find a fibre solution for you with our polypropylene products.

Staple Fibre
Staple fibres are fibres that have been cut to a standardised length and we manufacture these in a wide range of titres. Due to our advanced colour matching system we can also produce these fibres in a vast array of colours, as we can match virtually any shade within 24 hours. We cater for client requests accurately, designing our staple fibre with the customer and end-use in mind making our PP staple fibres suitable for a variety of markets, for example geotextiles, sports surfaces and automotive parts such as parcel shelves.

Multifilament Yarn
Multifilament yarn is ideal for the manufacturing of high quality products such as filtration products, vertical window blinds and upholstery. The yarn is made of very fine fibres, either constructed in round or delta cross-sections (which are ideal for direct weaving or knitting) or constructed flat for texturising and twisting. The multifilament yarn is ideal for air jet and traditional weaving, as well as all types of knitting processes and can be manufactured to be fire retardant if required.

Both products are manufactured for a variety of uses and, because they are made from polypropylene, have a variety of unique physical qualities. We take pride in our products being anti-bacterial, stain resistant, rot proof, alongside having many more physical qualities , subsequently making polypropylene fibres a versatile, cost-effective solution, suitable for a variety of uses in the global marketplace.

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