For hard wearing natural surfaces

If wear and tear is knocking the stuffing out of your surfaces, it’s time to toughen up your act with a new product from the world leaders in rootzone and stabilisation systems. The unique, crimpled profile of LOKSAND® fibre will bring back the bounce ad give long lasting load bearing durability to high-wear areas of turf and sand surfaces.

The principle of the fibre-stabilised rootzone is well established, with products being used for sports surfaces and access roads around the world. LOKSAND®, however, is the very latest step forward in turf technology. Deigning the ‘crimp’ into the fibre has permitted a far superior interlock between fibre and sand, as well as introducing shock-absorbing effect which rapidly restores surface uniformity after load distortion. No other product has the performance characteristics of LOKSAND®.

LOKSAND® - The benefits

Produces a surface which stays firm and level for longer
Offers greater resistance to wear and tear
Aids rapid draining by reducing rootzone compaction
Real savings on cost and maintenance time
Less devoting and more active recovery
Provides a durable turfed load bearing surface

Sports Surfaces

The ‘crimped’ fibre is mixed with sand to provide stabilisation of the rootzone, as well as introducing a shock-absorbing effect, which rapidly restores surface uniformity after load distortion.

Equestrian Surfaces

Provide a consistently firm, free-draining surface ideal for both horse and rider.

Natural Grass Access Roads

It dramatically improves load bearing capacity and reduces ‘rutting’, furrows & grooves. It is cost effective & aesthetic ‘Green road’ solution for emergency and service vehicle access routes around buildings, airports, race tracks gold courses etc.

Natural Grass Car Parks

Loksand is a natural alternative to hard surface parking and ideal for overspill car parking. Loksand is the perfect solution for National Parks and other environmentally conscious areas.

Technical Support

All Loksand products can be supplied worldwide and are matched by first rate technical support from International Fibres Group. Whatever your particular needs, IFG has the proven experience, quality and expertise to help you achieve perfect results.