Polypropylene Use by the Automotive Industry

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Polypropylene fibres are used significantly by the automotive industry, in some obvious ways, and some less so. Perhaps the most obvious is the use of the fibres within the carpets that line and insulate the vehicles.

Secondly, there may be polypropylene fibres incorporated within the upholstery of the vehicle, as it is used in both home and commercial furnishings as well.

The reason for the use of polypropylene is down to its availability, as well as its durability and resistance to chemical solvents, acids and solutions.

Less known, is the fact that polypropylene is used to manufacture car bumpers, and to line wheel arches. Fibres are also used within cable insulation.

The use of plastic fibres within the construction of vehicles not only reduces the potential for corrosion, they are also less heavy than metal alternatives, more versatile in terms of design, and cost significantly less, both in build costs and in the long-term use of the vehicle.

Polypropylene is the obvious choice, as its fellow plastic counterparts such as polyamide, PVC and ABS, are unable to compete efficiently in terms of both versatility and cost. It is estimated that polypropylene makes up 32% of all the plastics used in the motor industry, and this has been increasing year on year since the industry first started using polypropylene in the 1970s.


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