Polypropylene in Tennis Courts

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With Wimbledon 2018 under way, we thought we’d share our knowledge of all things tennis courts!

Although the Wimbledon courts are real grass, for most clubs these are not viable options because of the low reliability, high maintenance and upkeep costs. Synthetic tennis courts are becoming increasingly popular and provide a solution where play performance is so similar to real grass, you wouldn’t notice a difference.

IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are designed in a crimped texture for tennis courts which permits a superior interlock between the fibres and sand. This texture allows for a rapid restoration to the surface because of the shock absorbing effect it creates, and the stabilised rootzone allows for better performance in wet conditions.

Compared to real grass courts, synthetic courts provide a solution in which tennis can be played year-round. Because of the stabilised rootzone, water is drained from the surface quickly, whereas with a real grass court it’ll become saturated and play will be impossible.

Investing in a synthetic tennis court also provides you with a multi-sport surface that can be suitable for a variety of sports which is particularly beneficial for clubs and schools, and because there is less upkeep compared to grass courts, maintenance costs are majorly reduced.

Choosing IFG Drake polypropylene fibres provides you with a cost-effective solution which have UV resistance additive based on your geographical location and can also be fully colour-customised. We have the ability to match our fibres to your colour choice, leaving you with a fully-bespoke surface. Just read our Barney case study here.

Overall, IFG Drake polypropylene fibres create a durable sports surface with exceptional quality. Customer satisfaction is our key priority, so get in touch so that we can find a fibre solution for you.

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