Polypropylene Filament Yarns: Versatile, High Performance Multifilament Yarn

International Fibres Group offers a wide range of titres and a vast array of colours to suit the global filament yarn marketplace. The high quality multipurpose yarn, Duron, is a versatile, high performance, stain resistant and durable multifilament yarn. Our multifilament yarns are ideal for air jet and traditional weaving processes as well as all types of knitting applications.
Our Duron yarns are constructed in round or delta cross sections, intermingled for direct weaving and knitting, or flat for texturizing and twisting, and are being used in a vast variety of applications including:
Vertical window blinds
Roller window blinds
Mattress coverings
Furnishing and upholstery
Filtration products
Webbings and strappings
Fibre material Polypropylene PP filament yarn
Titer 167 – 1350dtex
Crimp Straight
Length Continuous
Colour Various
Specialities UV, FR
Raw material 100% virgin PP