Geotextiles in Ground Stabilisation

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Geotextiles are used extensively across the civil engineering sector to improve the lifespan of constructions and for ground stabilisation purposes. At IFG Drake, in West Yorkshire, we produce the polypropylene staple fibres that are used in the manufacturing of geotextiles used in these applications.

Ground stabilisation is important for the reinforcement of aggregate layers for high trafficked surfaces such as roads, railways and car parks. The geotextile strengthens and stabilises the ground when laid on top of the soft underground layer. The geotextile is laid, and the aggregate material is spread on top. This then acts as a barrier and stops the mixing of layers which would lead to a reduction in strength.

Geotextiles used for ground stabilisation are beneficial not only because they strengthen the ground, leading to a reduction in maintenance costs, but also because they mean that the construction depth can be reduced. This leads to a saving on materials and labour costs, allowing companies to get a better-quality product, for less cost.

Using a geotextile in a ground stabilisation project ensures that the product is long lasting and cost-effective. The products allow the ground to bear more weight, leading to an increase in surface lifespan. Geotextiles also help with filtration and separation issues, further cementing these benefits.

IFG Drake PP staple fibres are used globally in geotextiles which are used in so many projects including coastal erosion, car parks, railways and roads, so get in touch with your requirements so that we can find a fibre solution for you.

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