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June 2018

Polypropylene Use by the Automotive Industry

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Polypropylene fibres are used significantly by the automotive industry, in some obvious ways, and some less so. Perhaps the most obvious is the use of the fibres within the carpets that line and insulate the vehicles.

Secondly, there may be polypropylene fibres incorporated within the upholstery of the vehicle, as it is used in both home and commercial furnishings as well.

The reason for the use of polypropylene is down to its availability, as well as its durability and resistance to chemical solvents, acids and solutions.

Less known, is the fact that polypropylene is used to manufacture car bumpers, and to line wheel arches. Fibres are also used within cable insulation.

The use of plastic fibres within the construction of vehicles not only reduces the potential for corrosion, they are also less heavy than metal alternatives, more versatile in terms of design, and cost significantly less, both in build costs and in the long-term use of the vehicle.

Polypropylene is the obvious choice, as its fellow plastic counterparts such as polyamide, PVC and ABS, are unable to compete efficiently in terms of both versatility and cost. It is estimated that polypropylene makes up 32% of all the plastics used in the motor industry, and this has been increasing year on year since the industry first started using polypropylene in the 1970s.



Polypropylene Fibres in Floor Coverings

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From two manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire, IFG Drake produce world-leading polypropylene (PP) fibres for a range of markets including the floor coverings industry. Our polypropylene fibres are ideal for manufacturing long-lasting, cost-effective carpets, rugs and underlays.

IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are tough and stain resistant which make them ideal for making carpets that survive even the most hectic industry exhibition.

Polypropylene fibres also have a low specific gravity and low moisture regain, meaning carpets are lightweight and easy to transport, whilst being resistant to liquid spillages, leaving customers with long-lasting quality carpets. We can also offer our speciality UV stabilisation to give better resistance to colour fade and loss of strength in outdoor carpets.

What’s more, with our expert colour matching team, we can match virtually any colour, offering a personalised colour for any carpet tile, exhibition carpet or rug. So, whether you’re looking for a fibre solution for a domestic, commercial, contract or exhibition carpet, IFG Drake will produce a bespoke quality fibre for your needs, get in touch today.

Why Polypropylene?

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Polypropylene fibres are manufactured from polypropylene chips, and here at IFG Drake we are world-leading producers of polypropylene staple fibres and multifilament yarns. The material is very cost effective and versatile and has a range of physical characteristics that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Tenacity, durability and abrasion resistance are just some of the reasons why the material is used in the production of such a diverse range of products. Tenacity or tensile strength means the resistance of a material breaking under tension. It ensures that non-woven geotextile products can stand the test of time, and benefits sports surfaces, making them hardy to general wear and tear.

Polypropylene’s chemical resistance and ability to be made fire retardant make it useful for a variety of high-quality goods and ensures performance retainment of speciality products in technical markets such as construction, concrete reinforcement and spillage control.

The material’s chemical resilience and low specific gravity make it ideal for geotextiles in landfill sites, and for use in the automotive industry for parcel shelves, arch liners and acoustics. IFG Drake polypropylene fibres are further used in household products such as blinds, carpets and mattress coverings to ensure a durable product with the added benefit of being able to make the final product antibacterial.

The demand for polypropylene fibres is increasing and has been recognised as one of the fastest growing fibre markets. With the need of non-woven fabrics growing, and the recognition that polypropylene fibres produce an economical alternative for products such as carpets, IFG Drake are further diversifying to satisfy our customers’ distinct needs, so get in touch so we can find your fibre solution.